Course 1: Gender in GCF concept notes

Course 1: Gender in GCF concept notes
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Welcome to Course 1: Gender in GCF concept notes

This short course consists of two modules. Module 1 is about the GCF’s gender requirements and will help you ensure that your project meets the fund’s strict criterion. Module 2 is an introduction to gender mainstreaming and will help you integrate gender considerations into the design of your project. 

Each module includes a short video lecture and includes additional resources on gender in climate finance project design. There are instructions for completing each module.

Gender and climate change

Climate change affects women and men differently. Women are more vulnerable to its impacts than men and subsequently subjected to higher levels of risk. Gender is a key factor in determining vulnerability. Global power dynamics are such that women have fewer economic, political and legal advantages than their male counterparts. Consequently, women are prevented from accessing resources to the same extent as men and hence they have a lower adaptive capacity. This makes them more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This reality necessitates the inclusion of gender considerations in climate finance.

What you will learn in this course

In this course, you will learn about the GCF gender requirements and what this means for your project. We’ll also discuss gender mainstreaming, as a central GCF guiding principle and strategy, and demonstrate how to mainstream gender into your project.

Your course instructors

Course supervisor: Alexandra Milano, E Co. consultant

Alex has been at E Co. since 2016. She is an energy access and gender and social inclusion professional with field experience concentrated in East Africa. Her expertise is in the deployment of clean cooking solutions in humanitarian and commercial settings. Alex leads E Co’s training and capacity building work and manages E Co. institute. She holds an MSc in Social Development Practice from University College London (UCL).

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Course presenter: Jessica Ginting, E Co. PR officer

Jessica has been a part of E Co’s Communications team since 2019. She holds an MA in Publishing from University College London (UCL).

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